The Definitive Guide to GDPR Fines across the European Union

A must-have for any organization dealing with EU private data

600+ pages

The GDPR Enforcement Directory currently stands at 600+ pages (2020.Q4) and growing!

Monthly Updates

Never miss another fine by any of the EU countries, we update the guide for you every month with new cases.

360+ fines included

The current 360+ fines already provide an incredible platform to see what challenges others in your industry are facing.


30+ Countries represented

The Collection boasts with cases from over 30 countries across the EU and EEA. See what fines others in your country already received!

Fully Indexed

The directory is a fully indexed PDF document, searchable for any keyword so you can quickly look up specific keywords.


Ability to categorize fines across industries. See what fines others in the telecommunications, banking or any other industry received and learn from their mistakes!

"The fines of GDPR are big, but the reputational risk is likely to be bigger."

David Coolegem

Tozser Zoltan GDPR Expert

The Author

Zoltan Tozser working in the IT sector for more han 35+ years

The author has been in the IT business for more than 35+ years with the last period solely focusing on GDPR regulations and its effects on organizations across Europe.


Zoltan is a certified CSM from 1997, CISA from 2002, and CIPP/E from 2018 and has audited more than 200+ companies and held more than 50+ internal trainings on GDPR to groups ranging from 15 all the way to 150 audiences.


He held various presentations and published professional articles from 1995. In 2004 he incorporated data protection in daily practices to further extend his expertise

The background to the GDPR Directory

“As a practicing DPO, I am interested in legal debates from data specialist lawyers, but much more in various Authorities’ findings, verdicts, decisions. THAT is what matter.

There are a growing number of websites with such collections, but they are usually incomplete, outdated and without any description of the specific case. I am certain that what we created with my team suffices the needs of GDPR across Europe in anticipating breaches of regulations.”


"Putting data protection at the centre of digital businesses' strategies is the key to improving trust and digital growth."

Steve Woods


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Enjoy a 90% lifetime discount for the monthly new additions of the fines that just happened across the European Union.

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Quick-search and see where your competitors made mistakes in handling or storing EU private data & learn from their mistakes.

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Save in unpaid fines that range from a few thousand euros all the way to millions of euros!

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